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CubeSat "Satellite / UFO Disclosure" Project to Search for UFOs by Satellite to Launch in Summer 2017

For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFOs has been controversial, if not ridiculed - this is about to change


Sunday, October 2, 2016 – Hamilton, Ontario: In the summer of 2017, from a launch site in the Mojave Desert at a InterOrbital launch pad, a rocket ship will be launching a CubeSat – Satellite – named “Disclosure” – into a 193 mile polar orbit with the sole mission of looking for UFOs in close earth orbit, and yes, there is a Hamilton, Ontario connection. The mission has a projected life of 3 months.

The mission of CubeSat "Disclosure" is to search and seek out UFOs that may in low Earth Orbit.

This first time a man-made orbital satellite has the sole mission of looking for UFOs and all media information, project interviews, launch / mission control audio and video will be acquired, produced and released to the world through REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario.

The CubeSat “Disclosure” is a U-class spacecraft - a type of miniaturized satellite for space research that is made up of multiples of 10×10×11.35 cm cubic units. CubeSat “Disclosure” will have a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms per unit.

Every 5 seconds, “Disclosures’” 2 HD cameras (one camera pointed towards Earth and the other pointed to space) will be sending thumbnail photos to mission control. Should any of “Disclosures’” on-board systems pick up an anomaly, mission control will be notified and the photos will be made available in full HD for analysis in order to determine the origin of the anomaly.

The main members of CubeSat “Disclosure” project are:


DAVE COTE Project Manager: (

  • Software Engineer;
  • Graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in applied science;
  • Major – Computer Sciences / Minor – Psychology;
  • Currently Contracts for Google.


DAVE SHOCK- Project Coordinator: (

  • Experienced in UFO Satellite Research;
  • Former projects include a $200 million mission.


MATTHEW LIPPERT – Electronic and Software Engineer: (

  • CubeSat Optimization Specialist;
  • Graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor in Applied Sciences;
  • Major – Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology;
  • Currently a CubeSat Research Engineer at the United States Air Force Institute of Technology.


GIANNA YOUNG - Design Consultant: (

  • Graduated from OCAD with a Bachelor in Arts and Design.


MARK RICHFIELD - Administration: (

  • Graduated from CDI as a Network Engineer.


PAT REGAN - UFO Consultant: (

  • Author - "UFO: The Search for Truth" and "UFO: The Search Continues."


ROB McCONNELL – Media Relations, Public Relations & Director of Mission Broadcast: (

  • President and CEO of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company;
  • Creator, host and executive producer of "The 'X' Zone Radio Show" and "The 'X' Zone TV Show";
  • Over 25years of experience in radio, TV, print, internet, satellite production and programming;
  • Producer of syndicated radio and television programming


Funding for CubeSat “Disclosure” is ongoing at Indiegogo – where $30,000 has already been raised, with most of the funds provided by members of the UFO community, which has paid for the launch vehicle and CubeSat “Disclosure”.

To find out how you can make a contribution to help the “Disclosure Mission,” please contact Dave Cote, please email him at  or go to and click on “Be Part of History.”

For all media inquiries, please contact, Rob McConnell at or call (905) 575-1222




Mission Objectives

  • Build a 2U CubeSat to search for anomalies in Low Earth Orbit
  • Must be capable of receiving command and transmitting telemetry and mission data down.
  • Experiments include:
    • Real-time magnetometer observations;
    • Real-time Geiger counter observations.
    • On-orbit HD image capture of surrounding Low Earth Orbit:
      • Capable of taking images in 5 second increments;
      • Transmitting images down and release images to public raw(untampered/unedited);
      • Capable of coarse pointing accuracy;
      • Global Shutter for capturing moving objects.

Command and Data Handler Hardware

  • Low Power AVR32 MicroController;
  • Gyroscope: ITG-3200;
  • Accelerometer: ADXL345;
  • Magnetometer: HMC5883L;
  • Temperature Sensors x3, 10k Thermistor;
  • Sun Sensor x6, one on each face;
  • UART-> Radio Board;
  • UART-> Payload Processor;
  • USB Boot Loader;
  • Debug UART.

LT Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System Board

  • 32-bit AVR flash microcontroller featuring 512KB Flash, 68KB SRAM;
    • Running OpenSAT FreeRTOS, lightweight multitasking architecture;
  • Redundant µSD storage (2x 8GB);
  • Real Time Clock;
  • On-board Temperature Sensor;
  • 4x External Temperature Sensor(user mountable);
  • External(from µController) On-board Watchdog;
  • USB Bootloader;
  • Virtual USB for easy Debugging;
  • On-board Inertial Measurement Unit - Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer;
  • Compatible with CMOS(UART) camera(TBD);
  • Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC Flight Radio/Educational Radio;
  • Compatibility with NSL: NearSpace Launch Inc. Eyestar Duplex Modem;
  • Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC OpenSat Educational Payload Board;
  • Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC Magnetorquer Board;
  • Compatible with PC-104 mechanical Interface.

Command and Data Handler Software

  • Atmel Studio 6.2;
  • FreeRTOS;
  • Real Time Operating System;
  • Developed from the ground up for optimum performance;
  • Prototype Board EVK1101.

LT Battery Pack

  • Li-Ion Battery Pack;
  • Utilizes four 18650 series battery cells;
  • 10000 mAh Capacity;
  • ~7.4 V voltage Range;
  • Temperature Sensors;
  • Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System;
  • Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface.

LT Magnetorquer Board

  • 3-axis magnetic torque rod system;
  • 3-axis magnetometer;
  • Coarse Control Pointing;
  • Three actuators; two torque rods and one air core torque;
  • Current Sensors for each torquers;
  • Telemetry over I2C;
  • Detumble up to 3U;
  • Direct analog control of actuators with direct PWM signal;
  • Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface;
  • Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System.

LT 1U Flight Solar Panel

  • 22% cell efficiency;
  • Coarse Sun Sensor –ADC;
  • Temperature Sensor;
  • Protection Diodes;
  • Voltage: ~12v;
  • Current: 104mA;
  • Power: ~ 1250 mW peak;
  • Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC 1U, 2U,3U Chassis;

Payload Processor

  • BeagleBone Back;
  • 2x USB Cameras;
  • SparkFun Geiger Counter.

LT Flight Imager Payload Board

  • BeagleBone Black header connector
  • BeagleBone Black with 8GB SD card included
  • Geiger Counter
  • 3MP CMOS Sensor Color Camera 35mm lens/F1.9
    • Camera Mount included
    • 25.8 fps
    • Global Shutter for capturing moving objects
    • Rolling Shutter for low-noise, high-contrast images
    • Near InfraRed version with twice the infrared sensitivity
  • OpenSat Payload Software Package
    • JPEG Compression
  • Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface.

LT 2U Flight Chassis

  • AL 6061
  • Tight Tolerances TBD
  • Detachable Side Panels
  • Kill-switch mechanism
  • PC-104 compatible
  • 94mm x 94mm PCBs
  • Compatible with NSL’s Eyestar Duplex Modem.

Be A Part of UFO History


For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFO's has been controversial, if not ridiculed. Despite many sightings and events, government, military and media have made a strong attempt to discredit the idea of extraterrestrial "aliens". What our project aims to do, is to use a low orbit satellite, controlled by us individuals, to open-source UFO Disclosure.

CLICK HERE and make a donation and become part of UFO History!

CubeSat4Disclosure Perks include:

$10 USD
Name on Satellite : Get your name written into the code of the Satellite.
$50 USD
Data : Get real-time data from the CubeSat (images and telemetry).
$100 USD
Log in to CubeSat : Get the ability to log into the CubeSat (and control the camera).
CubeSat Camera : Command to CubeSat to snap a picture when and where you want.
To be part of UFO History and make a donation to this project, CLICK HERE.

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