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Be A Part of UFO History

For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFO's has been controversial, if not ridiculed. Despite many sightings and events, government, military and media have made a strong attempt to discredit the idea of extraterrestrial "aliens". What our project aims to do, is to use a low orbit satellite, controlled by us individuals, to open-source UFO Disclosure.

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CubeSat4Disclosure Perks include:

$10 USD
Name on Satellite : Get your name written into the code of the Satellite.
$50 USD
Data : Get real-time data from the CubeSat (images and telemetry).
$100 USD
Log in to CubeSat : Get the ability to log into the CubeSat (and control the camera).
CubeSat Camera : Command to CubeSat to snap a picture when and where you want.
To be part of UFO History and make a donation to this project, CLICK HERE.